Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Diligent

Diligence is the key to everything. He or she who deals with a diligent hand will grow wise and prosperous. The lazy and indisciplineed person invites ruin. So what is diligence. My definition of diligence is in doing the right things at the right time with wisdom planning and enthusiasm. If there is any other definition will be great to hear. So which are the area's where we can be diligent. We can be diligent at work. We can be diligent in our homes, in our relationship with God and with man, in almost every area of our life. Diligence is the key in unlocking the vast potential that is there in each one of us. There is nothing on earth that the diligent will fail to  attain.

Lets discuss diligence at the work place, a diligent employee will be punctual, he will have his day planned and well organised. He will complete the things that he/she knows are priority and that which will make a difference in the work place to his team and to his organisation. His/her day is well managed and there will not be a single period where he/she will waste in any unproductive activity. Now that sounds like a perfect blemish less employee which is a very rare breed and impossible to find. So is there a diligent employee around today. There are many diligent employees around. Not the workaholics but a clean breed of disciplined and balanced men and women. These are not the extreme cases of diligence at work but very good focused individuals.

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