Saturday, 13 April 2013

The Diligent work from home employee

So I mentioned and defined the dictionary definition of diligence.
Lets talk about the work from home employee  Recently I read that Yahoo has banned work from home for their employees. I also heard that other organisations are also following suit. Is there a reason, I guess the reason is a lack of a diligent attitude. Productivity is what all the organisations want and is looking for and if an employee does not meet the mentioned and defined milestones for the organisation then there is no productivity. A diligent employee will from his attire to his attitude be in a professional state of mind and body. He or she will mimic the office atmosphere in his home which is a very difficult task. The amount of distractions from family, friends, neighbors and a whole lot of other distraction can be a challenge to overcome. My little bit for the work form home employee. The Dictionary Definition is precise and specific, however an example for every situation is what will give us a better definition.

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