Monday, 29 April 2013

The Diligent Personality

So who is the diligent personality, as per the dictionary definition he or she is careful to carry out the things that is priority. He or She will pay close attention to every detail of his or her life that really matter. Let us take another example. A general one a DILIGENT Child. A child can he or she be diligent? Of-course they, They can eat on time, do their school assignments on time, so you will now say that is discipline and not diligence. I agree and disagree  There is a very thin line between discipline and diligence. Diligence has to be initiated and practiced and has to do with the person, it is like what the dictionary definition says about being "careful to do", however discipline can be cultivated through sheer practice or habit and is usually taught by others- say a Child is disciplined to brush his or her teeth on a daily basis, but diligence is required from the child to maintain that habit or discipline.

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