Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I was researching the net, checking to see if any dictionary had a good definition for Diligence. I also typed on  'what is diligence' I found one good definition - The quality of being careful  attention to detail and which is the opposite of "negligence" That  to me was profound - I was relating this to the various aspects of my life and experiences and I totally agree. Lets take a professional work profile to relate the above definition to say an engineer, a physician - I think a physician will be a good case study as he and she is close to the lives we live. Every professional is but as a physician is more closely linked to our person lets study diligence in his profession.
If the Physician is not diligent - he or she can damage, ruin or even mortally deal with a patient. Do you agree ?  Lets equate this example with the dictionary definition - if the physician is not careful and does not pay careful attention to detail and is casual and negligent - he will not diagnose accurately. Therefore diligence is the key not only for a Physician but to every individual profession, trade,skill or business.

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