Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Dictionary definition and life situations

Let’s talk about Diligence towards your health. I thought I must write on this aspect of our lives. This in fact is the most important aspect as the popular saying goes Wealth without Health is nothing. The greatest loss can be the loss of your health. So how do we become diligent in our health? One simple method is including at-least one physical activity into your schedule. What do I mean by this --say you miss your morning walk or jog in the park. No worries make sure you avoid the lift and climb the stair. You can take a walk during lunch hour. Avoid long hours at the desk and instead hold meetings where you would be standing most of the time. Take time to meet colleagues by walking over to their desk, a whole lot of physical activity that you can think of. 
Few other key aspects that we need in maintaining a diligent attitude towards our health is having regular health check ups, drinking plenty of water, catching up on a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 8 hours of quality sleep( for Adults) for kids they need to have at-least 12 hours. As the saying goes early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. So you can see the benefits of maintaining a diligent attitude.

So we discussed the physical part briefly, let’s talk about our diet. So you want to eat that extra portion of oil, cheese, and butter simply put calorie rich food.  I would say go for if you are able to burn it off with some of the tips mentioned above or stay away or consume in moderation. Diligently balancing your intake is key. For this careful attention and planning is required ...read Dictionary Definition for Diligence.

Let’s come to the emotional aspect of our lives. Diligence is key here too. By learning to be emotionally stable you will conquer and overcome quite a few mountains or obstacles that life throws our way. In our workplace situations, home and out there in the world as a whole. Again keep the Dictionary Definition in mind for each example and Life situations mentioned.

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